Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

I think sibling rivalry is kicking in at our house. Dillon is playing with all of Brodie's toys - even taking them away from him. We are monitoring it and trying to defuse it, but this is a hard one. Brodie just wants to play with brother and brother just wants his toys. And so it begins...I am sure we have many years of this to come.

I have heard many good things about having kiddos spaced about three years apart. Hopefully, this will ring true for us too. I used to think that having them far apart was good, but I like three years. I would have liked them to be closer, but my husband did not want that. Yes, it would have been HELL for the first couple years, but after that I think it would have been good.

After having children I found that people are VERY set in their beliefs about anything that has to do with raising children. It is sad because they end up pushing their beliefs down your throat. I have tried to take the approach of giving advice because the one thing being a parent has taught me is there are many ways to raise children and it is trial and error. I would NEVER wrong someone for how they are raising their child (unless it was abusive or unsafe)!! I have eaten my words more as a parent than I ever have!!

For example, we never let our boys sleep in our bed unless they are sick, scared, etc. But, I have friends that sleep with their children. Is that ok? You bet! Whatever works for them. Just cause I did not do it doesn't mean it is not best for their family.

So remember to support your friend's child rearing practices and only give advice.


  1. Fresh off the press:


    Not sure if I qualify as a "mommy", but I like looking...I mean reading about little kiddos and pregos.

  2. Try copying and pasting it into your location bar...

    I've been following the melamine story since it broke in China. Personally, I don't buy that it is "no big deal."

    Everything is made in China! I can tell which of Lucy's toys were originally mine, because they were made in Hong Kong or Korea.

  3. I am with you on that! ABC had a family only buy products made in America for a month (or something like that) and it was next to impossible. Good to know that they are killing our children. It amazes me what people's prices are!