Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slap in the face!

We took Brodie in for his 9 month check up and I received a HUGE slap in the face. Mind you, it would not have been such a slap on the face had I not had so much other stuff going on in my life. He is on ear infection #4! It blows my mind because Dillon had zero ear infections. They are talking tubes, but not quite yet. We will give it a little while longer. The more I talk with people the more I see this is not so bad.

Next, Brodie is on breathing treatments again, as needed. That RSV crap just hangs on in the form of a cough!

Lastly, Brodie has lost some weight. The doctor is a little concerned. He is now only in the 10% for his age!! This has hit me the hardest. Probably because he is nursed, so therefore I am equating it to being my fault. We are supplementing with a little formula and going to start whole milk here in a bit. (I even got my Ped's blessing...under the table of course, he would never admit to it and I would never rat him out!)

So there you have it. I am hoping this kid gets out from under all this health crap he had dealt with the first part of his life. I know that is selfish, because compared to some kids, he is VERY healthy!! When it is your kid though, that is all you see!

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