Monday, July 20, 2009

Rocking Babies:

I think I may have wrote about this before, but I am coming back to it. There is a lot of opinions on whether you should rock a kid to sleep or not. Most people say no, as well as the experts. I consider myself a fairly strict mom, but I say - DO IT!! It is the best thing ever! I rocked Dillon to sleep almost every night (Dad filled in from time to time). I rocked Brodie to sleep the entire 11 months I nursed him (minus a few trips) and I still do. Dad gets to do it more now, but I still jump at the chance.

I will be very sad when I can no longer do this. I always want to be the one that puts my child to bed. On the rare occasion that we get a sitter, I am almost ALWAYS home to put them to bed. I don't want others doing it. I want to do it. There will be a time they won't want me to and that will break my heart. So until then, I rock!!

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