Thursday, January 15, 2009

Having kids is a big decision!

Jason and I were married 7 years before we had Dillon. In fact, we brought Dillon home on our 7th anniversary. I cannot begin to tell how glad I am that we waited. 7 years was a little too long - I am thinking 4 to 5 years is a magic number. Jason and I got to do so many things as a married couple and boy, did we enjoy it. We were ready (as ready as you can be to be kicked in the stomach) to have kids. The other thing was we got use to be married and functioning as a married couple. I just don't understand why people enter into have children so carelessly. It is hard raising Dillon and Brodie and we planned on them (one of them anyway).

I am going to stop because I feel myself starting to ramble. The point was the title. Having children is a big decision and it IS a whole new world.

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