Sunday, January 11, 2009

If anyone cares, the biting got a little better this afternoon and evening. In fact, he did not bite me once for his last feeding of the day. I think part of it was teething, but the other part was I was over feeding him. I was feeding him without him really asking for it because I was used to his old schedule. I guess over the last few days, he has decided he can eat every 3 to 4 hours - usually every 4. Funny, he forgot to tell me. So I was trying to feed him and he was not hungry - enter in the teeth scenario, so therefore he bit me. Again, it would be nice if these cute little things came with instructions. I get so frustrated!

I know you never think about over feeding your children, but you can. Obviously, my son is not hurting for nutrition, but this schedule change threw me off mentally and physically. Every day he needs me less and less, which should be joyful, right? I am going to stop because I feel rambling coming on. Tootles!

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