Friday, January 2, 2009

There is a story on abc news on line today about a mom that is still breastfeeding her 6 yr old. I am not going to comment on that since I started this blog to support other moms and I also stated that what works for me does not work for others. If you want my opinion, you can ask me.

Anyway...Happy New Year! I was in bed this morning thinking about Brodie's night time fussiness. (He was fussy in the evening for a few months.) This is VERY common for babies. I think between 2 and 4 months. (That was Brodie's run.) I don't remember Dillon being this way - I would have to ask Jason. A good walk outside always seemed to cure him, along with constant movement. Making sure all their needs are met is key and then just loving them. They may still cry, but just be there for them. I read something once that made a lot of sense and it has helped me a lot. I read an article that said sometimes babies cry to expend energy. (Especially when they are not moving and playing around yet.) They need to get it out and sometimes that is the only way they can do it. So again, meet their needs and then love them. They may still cry, but it will be ok.

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