Monday, January 19, 2009

Sorry it has been a while. My boys have been sick. Dillon had a cold and then we found out Brodie has RSV. No fun at all. He is on breathing treatments at home. He also has an ear infection and I can see top teeth coming in. Wow! Triple whammie!! Needless to say it has been no fun around our house.

My next point, have you noticed how badly dad's are discounted in our society? Don't get me wrong, Mommies rock, but I would not be able to raise these kids without help from my husband. When we took Brodie to urgent care the other day, they all talked to me and not Jason. I don't get that. In many ways, Jason is a much better parent than I am. In fact, He stayed home with Dillon till he was about one. People thought it was weird and he got weird looks at the mall. I so was appreciative of it. He very involved in everything they do, which includes all decision making. Go Dads!!

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